Reflections on the course

Looking back at my first blog posts and exercises I can see that I've really developed myself over the past years. I have gained more technical knowledge, but most of all, filled my head with images and ideas of other photographers, that inspire me when I'm photographing myself. Because I didn't have any prior knowledge to art or photography I feel like I am discovering something new and exciting every time I look up a photographer or go to an exhibition. It's been very nice and has helped me grow as an artist myself.

The course itself was mostly focused on ways how to do things, how to get certain images and different approaches to photographing people and places. In a way I think this kept me going and pushed me to photograph outside of my comfort zone. On the other hand I feel it would have been helpful to have had more theoretical background and examples from other photographers in the reader itself. But now that I'm working on Context and Narrative, I can see that these changes have been made in OCA's newer courses and it makes a big difference.

Along the course my tutor has cheered me on and has been very helpful in showing me other photographer's work and looking at my own work from a different perspective. We had nice Skype conversations and I have received a lot of support from him. 

I wish I had been more diligent and focused on the course so that I would have finished it a bit earlier. Now I'm a bit stressed for time to get all my level courses done in 4 years and that would not have been necessary, hadn't I been so busy with other things, even though they were photography related. I think that is my biggest lesson learnt. I want to get a degree and that should be my main focus now.