100 Ideas that Changed Photography

This book is a very inspirational read. Reviews on Amazon say that there are a few mistakes in the book and that it is obvious that the writer was commissioned to write it without a lot of prior knowledge of photography, but I don't really care about that. The level isn't supposed to be too high anyway and I find it a very good read.

In 100 small chapters, ideas and practices that shaped photography as we know it are described in a concise, informative way and illustrated with beautiful examples. I have read the book in one piece, but think that it might also be nice to read one idea a day just as a little inspirational thought to get you started. 

After reading this book I made a list of all ideas that I would like to try out, or use in my own work.

- I would love to work with old development processes for example, I know there's an organisation that offers courses and I'm going to give it a try.
- I would also like to experiment with painting on a photograph, even though I'm a terrible painter, but just for fun and see the results.
- I would like to make flip flop book of moving objects.
- I would like to photograph a nude.
- I want to take a series of really saturated post card pictures.
- I want to do street photography with a flash.
- I would like to make a Refractive Hexagon, like Robert Heinecken's (pg 110).
- I want to make an abstract image.
- I want to explore the 'thingness' of things (pg 151)
- I'd like to make photo collage.
- I want to experiment with self portraiture.
- I want to experiment with surrealism.
- I want to go to the outskirts of Delhi and photograph.
- I want to experiment with text and images.
- I would like to fabricate a staged photograph.
- I want to experiment with combining video and photo.

It seems like quite a long list and thank goodness I have a life time to work on it, along with my OCA courses of course!

Marien, M. W. (2012) 100 Ideas that Changed photography. London: Laurence King Publishing.