Noémie Goudal - The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise

I know it's not a very good study practice, but I've visited quite a lot of exhibitions during the time that I was working on People and Places and never got round to write blogposts around them. I would put the information leaflets in a plastic bag with the intention of writing posts later on, which never happened!

Now that I'm concluding the course, I went through my little plastic bag and found the folder of Noémie Goudal, The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise. I don't remember where I've visitied this exhibition, nor what the images looked like, so I Googled it and remembered them again. Goudal's images are compilations of real and constructed landscapes and buildings. She will take a photo of something, print it out and construct it in an other place to create a different landscape with it. Through this you get a distorted idea of reality and the boundaries of nature and man made structures intertwine. 

Goudal uses a wide range of techniques to construct her landscapes, from digitally composed stereoscopes to photographs made with film. All her images have a very deserted look about them, houses and structures that seem to have lost their purpose and have sort of submerged in their environment.

"In the construction of my photos, I'm interested in creating a new perspective within the context of the image, by blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, the real and the invented. I've asked myself how it might be possible to enter the perspective of an image by offering a half-real, half-artificial landcape" (from folder from the exhibition somewhere, sometime in 2013)

I find myself really drawn to these kind of 'constructed realities'. Minkinnen does the same, but alters the landscape by means of his own body and Escher is able to construct reality in such a way that it becomes impossible to understand but still tangible as a reality. I would like to explore these concepts more and start experimenting with it as well!

Marcelis, B. (2014) Noémie Goudal - the geometrical determination of the sunrise at filles du Calvaire, Paris. Available at: (Accessed: 14 December 2015)