Assessment - Prints in book

As part of my assessment for TAOP I had a book made with all the prints that I submitted for the course. I really liked the result and like having a tangible summary of all the work that I did and seeing the developments I made in my work. I decided to do the same thing for People and Places. The assignments work well to capture a development and bring some kind of order that keeps it interesting to look through the book.

Concerning the lay-out I've kept it very simple and minimalistic. I like white frames since it helps the eye to focus on the image and gives it a quiet feel. I doubted whether to add titles or captions to the images, because some ask for a bit of explanation, but decided to keep all the information on one page, since the book itself refers to my blog and other work which all have been looked at together. 

Unfortunately, one image of assignment 1 got lost and I only had a very low res image on my computer left. Because it would turn out very small and would obviously show that something had gone wrong there, I decided to not put it in the book. 

I'm happy with the results. The prints are good quality and not too dark and the book is a nice introduction to the work on my blog and an overview of the results of my development over the course.