People and Places - Selection process part 4

In the following images you see some of the boredom that my children are experiencing in our empty house without their toys and familiar things. They are just sort of hanging in their chairs, chatting and watching Youtube videos all the time. To be honest, I find it a bit frustrating that they can't seem to entertain themselves better, on the other hand I understand that they just don't feel like doing anything else. It feels like we're in a constant waiting room, and I find that the following pictures bring about that sense as well.

At first I wanted to show some of the interaction between the two brothers, but when I think about the waiting aspect that I'd like to convey in this image, my preference goes to the final one. Besides that, I like the shapes Julian is making with his arms and feet and how the two empty chairs and open doors make you wonder even more what he's doing there and that it's not a typical living room setting. I find it in black and white even better, in the post processing, I tried to focus even more on Julian's toes and the chairs.

These images were taken from the hallway. I wanted to show the emptiness of the house and how the children seem to be ignoring this fact, being focused on their screen and books. I liked the angle from which the image is taken. The viewer is looking into something from the dark and is an outsider from the scene. 

I like the vertical image the most, because it accentuates the diagonal line from the bags to the chairs and children and shows a frame within the frame with the doorpost. Thinking about the post processing, I think this one works fine in colour as well, but to keep the consistency,  I've converted this one in black and white as well, with the same grainy look.

These photos were taken later at night, when the younger children were already in bed and Aaron stayed up to talk to his friends online. I didn't want to disturb him and quite liked how the lines in the door work with the composition and place Aaron in a more isolated spot, also because of the reflections on the windows. Aaron seems much more involved with the world online and the world that used to be his home than the place in which he is now. 

In choosing the image from this set, I just look at which one focuses best on Aaron. I find that the first image is best, also because of the prominent place of the curtain in the front. It emphasises the voyeuristic viewpoint and places Aaron as if he's on stage, although he is totally not aware of it. In the post processing, I've cropped the image more to make the curtain look even more as if it could close the scene any moment. It's a nice addition to the 'suspended narrative'!

This final image was taken right before the kids were off to school. There's only one, but I still like it very much. First of all, it is a true reflection of how things go in the morning. Eva is reading a book, not bothering about the fact that she has to get ready, Aaron is almost out of the door, because he'd rather die than be late at school and Michelle is looking at me to make sure that I kiss her goodbye. This image shows different fases of attention, pace and levels of stress. It is also the only image in which I seem to play a part in the image, I'm looked at and something is expected from me. In the post processing I have lighted Michelle's face a bit, so that we can see her expression. At first, I had cropped the image, but when I compared it with the original one, I like it better without. The image seems a bit more balanced.