People and Place on Assignment - Selection process part 3

We continue with the following images of Michelle. She started off posing for me, but then did something with her hair. Michelle has been a bit sad at times about moving to an other country and quite tired as well in the evenings because of all the changes at school and the work she needs to do. I find with this sequence you can really see the difference between the smile she is putting on and the expression in her face when she is not conscious about it. Therefor the last image is the one that I'd like to submit. Her expression shows some of the pain she's felt in the past months. Also this gesture is one that she almost does unconsciously and is part of something that is brief and not interesting, combing her hair with her fingers. But it is in these moments that a story can be told from somebody's expressions and you start to wonder what else is there. I think it's a nice example of a 'suspended narrative'

In the post processing the conversion to black and white really helps in separating her face from the background and makes the eye focus on the expression in Michelle's face. I have sharpened the facial features a bit and cloned out the blue light in the back, because it's a bit distracting. Again, this image is grainy and gives the feeling as if it was shot on an analogue camera. 

I think that with this entire set the conversion to black and white takes away some of the recentness of the image, it takes them  out of a present context and therefor lets the concept of time and momentum float freely through the images.

In the next images we see Eva doing a cartwheel, which she would not have been able to do if our furniture had been there. This is really something they do when there a bit bored, when it's about time to go to bed or they have to wait for something. 

From these images I choose the 2nd one, mainly because i like the movement, light and how the shape of her legs comes back in the way the light shines on the wall behind her and the fan on the ceiling, even though it's hardly visible. The other ones show more interaction, but I like the empty feel that the second image gives, especially when in black and white. And again, this is a literal transitional moment and a lot of movement in a sterile place.