People and Place on Assignment - Selection process part 2

We continue with describing the decisions I made in choosing the photographs for the set, first of all the ones that were taken at the dinner table. There is always a moment at the end of dinner when the energy kicks in and the kids want to leave the table and I tell them to eat a bit more. I think these images portray this transition pretty well. I was sitting opposite of the Eva and Michelle and at first they started posing, making weird faces and joking around. I waited till they wind down and picked up their books again.

I choose the final image, because this portrays the moment in which the girls are not aware of themselves anymore. Michelle (on the left) is all absorbed in her book, while Eva has just laid it down and is staring ahead and looks as she could do something else any moment and is waiting for her sister's initiative..

I chose to darken the sides of the frame a bit extra in order to keep the focus on the diagonal lines from the front of the frame to the mid back. Now the eye starts on the girls, goes to the front and then to the back of the room. I have lightened up the faces of the girls and darkened the food in the front in order to keep the focus on their facial expressions. I have kept it subtle though because it's ok for the eye to get stuck and think and then wonder around a bit more. In those micro seconds when the eye comes to a hold on, you start to see the story that's taking place in front of you.

In the next set you can see that the children have left the table and wanted to create a good photo opportunity with a fan involved and flying hair. Again, I let it pass and caught the last moment when Julian showed up playing with his patafix while at the same time Michelle redid her hair. These kind of things are gestures that seemingly don't mean anything, but they actually do a lot. Julian has problems concentrating at times and patafix is a great stress reliever, while Michelle is always busy to keep her hair free of knots and in a braid. From the angle I took the image together the children are making the same kind of rectangular shapes that are reflected in the window, bringer extra dynamics in the image. Again, this is a moment that is not there to stay and transitioning in a next activity or move, but still very familiar and therefor meaningful.

In the post processing, I stick to the black and white, grainy feel and think that especially in this image, the image becomes much stronger because of it. I have darkened the text on Julian's shirt and lightened up his face a little bit. What I like especially about this image is that Julian is about to walk away and that even though they are both engaged in something, it is done unconsciously, or on the move. 

The next set of images are taken from outside. I wanted the children to be less aware of me taking photographs and I took the voyeuristic approach. In this set you can see the girls looking at something, they were actually looking at Julian who was trying to hide from the camera. 

My idea is to show what's going in the living room from an outsider's view, so automatically, the decision has to be made between the first and second photo. Because I think there is a multiway communication, between Eva and Michelle, who is looking at Julian, although we can't see him, I prefer the first image. Because we can't see what or who Michelle is looking at, again there are elements that make the viewer curious and gives a sense that the moment is transitional.

As you can see, I have cropped the image quite a bit, first of all so that the children are  better visible and well balanced within the frame, second, not showing the ceiling opens up the top part of the image, giving it a wider feel and makes the viewer more curious about the placate girls are in. There's just a little part of the chair to be seen, which I think adds to the suspense, not showing who is sitting there and therefor not showing with who the girls are interacting.