People and Places on Assignment - Family life

When looking for inspiration for my assignment I came across this project, Family Life. It's a worldwide project in which students of art and photography from 34 countries have participated. All have photographed a family, or an individual in the context of its family, and the things that make the family special, their history, social setting, special traditions or transitions they're in. It's a fascinating project and really interesting to look at all the stories, see the different styles of photography and meanings that are conveyed in each project. There are a few that spoke to me specifically, first of all the story of a Congolese family that is followed for a year from the moment they set foot in the US as refugees till they celebrate their first Thanksgiving, New Roots. I'm especially drawn to the transformations of their empty house and empty expressions to a house full of laughter and meaningful moments in each individual's life. Looking at the photos I took, I can sense some of the emptiness that we are feeling right now. It is not really a sad feeling, because you know that you have a good future ahead, but it takes time to not feel lost and connected. Even though this family has moved out of a very different situation then I have and the culture my family is adapting to is much more familiar, I recognise the emotions that are shown in these images.

The beginning images show some of the 'suspended narrative' that I'd like to portray in my assignment as well, but in this set you can see the narrative slowly taking off, the sense and looks of bewilderment diminishing and the viewers and subjects are slowly dipping into embracing a new life, with elements of recognition and identification with its former life and the viewer's own life. 

These images could be the start of a similar project and I might think of doing a similar shoot in about a month and on. It will be interesting to see how different they will look over time and how the images do evolve into a narrative after all.