People and Place on Assignment - First Selection Family Life

Photographing my own children for this assignment was a bit challenging, especially because I didn't want to stage the children and wanted to show the every day dynamics of our family. I took the images after school, during dinner, at night and in the morning and decided to only take the images in the same room. In all my other assignments I've looked for diversity of places and tried to find the excitement in what's going on in front of the camera. In this case, I really wanted to not guide at all what was going on and focus on what the children initiated, how they interacted with each other and me, just to make it as authentic as possible. We have not received our own furniture yet and I find that the emptiness of the room and the furniture that looks a bit out of place brings an extra effect to the images and makes me even more focused on the children themselves.

As you can see from the images that I took, the light is really ugly and the ones that I took in the morning when they were out on their way were not well lit at all. I'll not include those and in the others, I'll try to work it out in the post processing, probably by making them black and white. Here's the overview of the images that I took, I have already excluded the ones that were not well lit and where the kids were making really strange faces or where blinking.

Looking at the overall collection, I think there is enough material to make a selection of 8 to 12 images. More on that in the next post.