People and Place on Assignment - Final images after tutor report

In my earlier posts I wrote about the reason to convert my images to black and white. My tutor understood the reasoning, but suggested I'd convert them into colour and have a look what worked best. So I worked a bit on these coloured images and do think these results are better. The atmosphere is not so uniform anymore, giving room to subtleties in the expressions in the children's faces and interior and more details in the shadows, so that there is more to see and think about. 

Besides that, the colours show the ugliness of the light at night, adding to the impersonal and empty atmosphere that can already be felt because of the composition and state of place and time. So colour it will be!

My tutor also suggested to add two images, the one in which Julian and Eva are fighting over a laptop and the one with the girls staring into the camera. I hadn't really thought about adding them, but looking at them from an other person's perspective, I see that they add an extra dimension to the set. These images show a lot of emotion. In the one where the kids are fighting, it shows frustration and action. In the image where the girls are looking straight in the camera, we see a lot of their emotions and thoughts. Especially compared to the images I took 7 years ago, there is a matureness to be seen and much more than the basic emotions of when they were little. I hadn't really thought about that, but now I do think they should be part of the set. It draws the viewer in the scene and makes it look beyond the emptiness of the room into the minds of these budding girls. 

My tutor had also suggested to call the series 'The Waiting Room', since the images represent a time in which we had just moved into a new place but were still waiting for our furniture to arrive. The children were new at school, I was still trying to find my way around and we were all sort of waiting for normal life to start. The interior of the home and the sense of boredom that the images breath are a good reflection of how we all felt. It did feel like we were living in a waiting room, eager to get something done or started. It is in these transitory moments that you can discover things about yourself and your relationship with others, read books and watch movies that you otherwise wouldn't. Looking back I consider this time to be quite positive and I think the images reflect that in a way.

I have put the images in a somewhat chronological order so that there is more consistency in the light and also to show the process of changes while waiting and to finish off with an image in which you can see the children leave the room.