People and Place on Assignment - Alternative Brief

After talking to my tutor about Assignment 5 and the subject I worked on, I started thinking whether it's a good idea to use material that I took over a year ago. According to Les, my tutor, it's important to either show the development in your work over the course or give a very thorough account of the reasons for choosing your work and selection process. Even though I'm very pleased with the work I did for the wrestling match, I do agree with that. I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I've been photographing a lot of exotic subjects, which has been quite easy for me, living in exotic countries. Even though the exoticness is much more familiar for me than for viewers who have never visited these countries, I do feel that I should challenge myself and try to photograph something that I know well and still be able to show my view and my own style through it. 

I have just moved again and it's going to be difficult to photograph something very familiar outside of my family life. So I have decided that that is exactly what I am going to photograph. The house we live in is still very empty, because we have not received our shipment yet and I think that is an even better setting to show the dynamics of my family without any distractions, although of course our interior is also a reflection of who we are. A few years ago, I have photographed our family during dinner time and I would like to add these as part of the assignment, to show how we have developed, but also have stayed the same. To show how I looked at my family and how I do that now, the fun we have and how I enjoy my children being around. The challenge will be to first of all, let me photograph them and second, take a perspective that is a bit of the outsider's, but still involved. 

My new brief is as follows:

Create a cohesive set of photographs that reflect your family life. The emphasis should be on the dynamics between the siblings and parents and the atmosphere of the family at a given time. The idea is that the photographs are honest, not staged and reflect the mood of the moment and how different every part of the family responds to that. The interactions between family members should be stressed and other peculiarities of family members highlighted.