People and Place on Assignment - Selection Process 3

These images are all about the match itself and the aftermath. What I want to focus on in this part is the interaction between the wrestlers themselves and the sense of joy and also a bit of relief in the end.

I definitely want to add a close up of the wrestlers fighting. Of the four you see above, I'll go for the one where there seems to be most symmetry and where both expressions are visible. This is my choice.

Because this image is a bit on the dark side and I can't really see the expressions well, I have lightened the image and locally lightened the faces of the wrestlers as well. What's interesting is that you can see that John is staring ahead, while the Senegalese wrestler is purposefully looking him in the eye. This was right before he attacked. Here's the final version:

In the next image I want to show the match in the context of the stadium. Because I already have an image where they are standing opposite each other, I want there to be a bit more action in this one. So here's an image that I took just when the Senegalese had won the game. I love his expression and how the crowd is cheering. Here's first the unprocessed image and then the one with some adjustments to improve the composition.

With the final image I've doubted whether I should use the one where you can see John sitting on the Senegalese wrestler's shoulders from the back, or the one where you see them from the front. This because I like the contrast of black and white from the back, while when they're looking in front, their expressions take away that contrast. But since, this match is all about traditions, culture and a personal journey and not about race or nationality in itself, I choose the one where the expressions on their faces are best and visible. They both have such a triumphant look. I also love the fact that somebody is taking a cellphone picture at the same time.