People and Place on Assignment - Selection Process 1

In the coming posts I'd like to show the selection process that I went through to come to the final images. My main important criterium for selection is that the image fits the description of the brief, so that it shows the story of John, the Norwegian wrestler. This makes it easier to select the images, but as you can see in my first batch, there are a lot of really cool images of other wrestlers as well and ones that show what is going on in the stadium. 

So I want to make sure that the images of John also show the fun and vibrance, traditions and showing off that I felt that afternoon. In the end the story is all about taking part and enjoying an other culture and experiencing common joys and friendship. In total I have to submit 8 to 12 photographs. If I think about the afternoon, I want to have 1 picture of the preparations at home, 1 of the walk to the stadium, 4 images of the preparations of the game, 2 of the game itself and 3 of the end.  I want to add a nice variety of angles and focal lengths and colour and textures.

I'll put the images up in chronological order. This first batch are the images of when John was preparing himself for the match in the home he was staying, how he was dressed with the traditional gri-gris and when the band came to pick him up and they all walked to the stadium.

In choosing the image in which John is being dressed, I prefer this one:

Here you can see the intensity and seriousness of putting all the gri-gris, it shows the t-shirt of the man in front that was made especially for this match and most of all, I think the look in John's eyes show a bit that he had no clue what was going on, but just let it happen. In order to focus more on John and what's going on, I have made some alterations in the image:

When John left the house to go to the stadium, there was drum band waiting for him and a big group of fans for the game walked along. There was a lot of noice and dancing in the street, but when I saw the sheep sleeping, faced away from all the commotion, I thought that would be the perfect shot to show how some events mean the world to somebody, while others just continue sleeping and not noticing at all.  Besides that, every set about Senegal should have at least a few sheep in them!

This is what the image looked like before processing, it was too hot and I wanted to crop it a bit to balance it out more.