Exercise - Balancing People and Space

What I like about this exercise is that it resulted in three very different images, taken at a 2 square meter spot. I tried to compose the images in such a way that the environment stands out, but that the role of the person in it defines the atmosphere of the image.

In the first image the person is sitting on the edge of the frame, looking away. Because of the way he is positioned, my eye goes back and forth from the person to the cloth in the front and pillars in the back. Him looking away brings a certain tension and exclusion of the place. 

Here the person is a significant part of his environment. He's looking into the scene and surrounded by pillars that are closing him in. With the table set and him looking at his phone, the image has a bit of a suspense, is he waiting for somebody? Has everybody already left? He does look a bit lonely as well.

In this image the viewer is excluded from the space and we only get hints from what is going on behind the curtain. I find the balance in such that the cloth has a very prominent place and draws the attention, but looking longer, you start to see signals of what's going on behind it. After posting this image, I decided to post an other image in which the cloth is not entered in the middle, I think the balance in the second one is better, because your eyes don't get stuck on the cloth and the poster on the wall adds an extra force in balancing out the cloth. I also added some more clarity on the cloth to show the patterns more.