Assignment 4 - Description of the essential character of the place

I have been a terrible student this course. First of all, it has taken me way too long to finish it, second of all, I haven't really worked on the exercises and assignments in chronological order. So especially with the last 3 assignments whenever I was at a certain place, I would think of different exercises and assignments for which I could use the photographs. In between I have been working on a lot of other jobs and that's why some of the work I'm submitting now was already photographed over a year ago. But I did have the course and exercises in mind when photographing and I won't have time to do it again, so I will submit them after all. Besides that, I'm happy with the work!

For this assignment I chose to photograph the fisher's village of Ouakam. I have come here often to photograph, mainly because the people don't get angry and the scenery is gorgeous.

For this assignment I will try to show the atmosphere that you can feel when the fishers go out, the repairing of the nets and the building of the boats. There's a little community of people who all work together to support the fishers and the sell of fish. On the other hand, Ouakam beach is a place where local people come to pray, relax and do sports. This combination of relaxation and hard work brings about a very special ambiance of which the people are proud. 

I have taken a few shots from up on the cliff and the car wash you pass before entering the fishing village. This car wash is already part of the Ouakam community and a good example of how the Senegalese can turn a simple shack in a really fascinating place through their painting and use of colours. From there on, I want to show the craftsmanship of the fishermen and the people who build the boats. My main goal is to bring variety between the scenes and portraits and show the interaction between the place and its people and how they shape each other. In taking the photographs, I have tried to use the concepts taught in the previous exercise and will bring variety in the type of images.