Exercise - Making people anonymous

I really enjoyed doing this exercise. Often I would see a certain scene and think of it. Once you become aware of the power of the anonymous figure int he image, you start seeing opportunities everywhere. Here are a few of my favourite ones:

A single figure small-1.jpg

Even though the quality is pretty bad, I took the photograph with my Iphone, I like the way the three people stand out in the crowd because they're back lit. Although the hall was full of people, because these three people are on there own, it gives the image a bit of a lonely feel to it.

These father and daughter cycling in an open field are anonymous because the photograph is taken from a back view. Maybe the sense would have been even stronger if they had been smaller. But they do look quite alone in a big world.

I took this image on the most western spot of Africa. I love how the people all have a different posture and so do the birds in the front. It emphasises their uniqueness, even thought they are unrecognisable. 

In this image the people are anonymous, but because of the setting and their activities it is clear that they are young and active. I have made them small and many, making it possible to show all the activities, their small talk and surfing and daydreaming on the beach.