Exercise: A single figure small

The idea of this exercise is to show how a single figure in an image can strengthen the function of a place, of accentuating the relation of the person and the place. 

I took this image from an apartment in Paris during dinner time. The street was abandoned and all the cars parked very precisely. I found that the man walking in the street brings more dynamic to the image. There's a strong relationship between men and these cars, since all drivers of the cars must have had extraordinary parking skills! I cropped the image to get the man off center and higher in the image, so that he's walking into the scene.

An other image is that of my son in an old church in Germany. This church was one of the only buildings left of a village that the inhabitants were  forced to leave after WW2. Because of the light the person is made anonymous, which brings the focus on the composition and relation between the person and the building. Above the door is an old image of what the church and the square in front of it looked like when the village was still inhabited. I have placed the figure in the center back of the image, to emphasise of the emptiness and the size of the building itself.