Assignment 3 - Train Station Rufisque

The train station in Rufisque was built around 1900, when Senegal was a French colony. A lot of the ironworks and architecture is a reminder of how beautiful this building must have been. The station is on the former route from Dakar to Bamako, which has been closed down, but the train still goes from Dakar city to Thiess. Even though it is a public space where people can buy tickets and where there is a police station, this building has a very homely feeling to it and doesn't really show that anybody is taking responsibility for the maintenance of it. However, there are little spots that have designated use, as you can see behind the gates at the police office. The station is also used as a walk through from one part of the village where women can get water and the area behind it. 

I took these images during sunset in order to bring out more colour and show texture of the walls and floors. Because the sun is so low, I was able to get beautiful shadows and silhouettes.

This is what the station looked like in 1910:

Rufisque (2015) in Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2015)

Here is my first selection of the photographs. I want to show the use, the decay and also the way how people use the building itself for very different purposes than it was intended, or use different spaces than the ones that were intended for the use.

Here is my final selection: