How space changes with light

For this exercise I used a very simple set up of rooms in our home. The first idea was to create a sequence of images taken at different times of the day. I focused in on a very messy bedroom, but wanted to show the differences in how texture comes to light and how the atmosphere changes during the day.

The images are arranged from early morning to sunset. The first thing one notices is how the diffusion and angle of light really change what is accentuated in the scene. In the first images the texture and surface of the bedlinen is accentuated and the shadows of the details are very dark. The colours are intense and there's much more an atmosphere and narrative element to the images than compared to the images that were taken on midday.

This is an image of my kitchen early morning. It is such an ugly kitchen, but with this early morning light it gets a very kind of gloomy atmosphere.

This exercise shows how important it is to be aware of how the time of day and weather changes the atmosphere of a space if using natural light. I need to think beforehand of what it is that I want to show and plan my photography accordingly.