Assignment 3: Buildings in use - Introduction

I started photographing with this assignment in mind already more than a year ago. I live in Dakar and there are so many buildings that are interesting, not used or used in a very different way than originally meant, so I knew there would be a lot to choose from and explore. 

To bring variety in the type of buildings, I have decided to take a very broad approach to the idea of usage. Some buildings are characterised by how they are not used anymore and breath a time that is gone and some kind of decay. Other buildings are improvised and focus more on the functionality and what's happening instead of the construction itself. Presse Café is designed and used following strict rules of a franchise in order to create the atmosphere and functionality it wants to stand for.I want to have a good mixture of private and public spaces, new and old. I also like to show the extremes of how external factors influence the function and sight of a building. Being it time, weather, history, external franchise rules or poverty. Here's my selection of buildings and houses that I photographed and will submit. 

1. Former Palace of Justice
2. Private house in Rufisque
3. Shack behind my children's school
4. Presse Café
5. Train Station Rufisque