Assessment - Alterations to Assignment 2

Having read through the tutor report and looking at my images again, I decided to go back to the raw files of my images and post process them again. Looking through the set, I have made one alteration in the choice of images and have colour corrected some of them again. It always amazes me how a fresh look on images lets me make other decisions. Here's the final result:

I decided to add the image of the buffet, because I think it accentuates the superficiality of the place, nowhere in the desert would you normally find a buffet like this and the pathetic small palm tree besides it is a nice addition to that. I also changed the photo of the lady coming out of the henna stand because I think this one is better balanced and shows more of the context in which she is standing and explaining more of the bewilderment on her face.

With this selection I think I have a coherent set of images that have a lot of variety, but still are all leading to the same idea of the contrast between perceived reality, superficiality and how one portrays this superficiality as reality to the outside world. In most of the images there is a lot going on on the borders of the frame, giving it the idea that the images are part of a bigger picture and don't stand on its own.

In conclusion I am very happy with this set, although it is a pity that I was dealing with all this noise and unsharpness because of the low quality lens that I was using. But anyhow, I guess when the image is printed it's going to be a little bit less obvious.