Exercise: Exploring Function

This exercise asks for careful planning and thinking about the space that I was going to photograph instead of going there and taking a lucky shot. I need to get myself more familiar with this kind of thinking, because I often look back at images and wish that I had taken an other shot or had focused on something else more. I think that is because in the moment itself I don't really force myself to think systematically in how I take images. The composition is sort of going through my  mind, but not specifically on what it is that I want to portray. Hence, this was a good exercise!

1. Swimming pool
- Functions as a public space, for people to exercise, learn how to swim, play, eat and relax
- It's been used by inhabitants of the village and a few tourists
- There's a need for water, enough space for the people to move around, it's indoors, different lighting
- The people who make use of the pool come for recreation, relaxing and having fun. 

Here is the image of the pool:

I wanted to show the user's view from the water and the area where the people can sit and relax. 

2. A few weeks ago I was driving on the boulevard road in Dakar and saw a little mosque that a homeless person had built himself. He built it because he found there was a good divine vibe on that spot and wanted by-passers to enjoy it as well. The main function of this mosque is to take some time to be still, enjoy the view and focus on the presence of Allah on this spot. For the man who built it it also functions as a source of income, because by-passers often give him something after they have visited.

I like how this homeless man individually transformed the function of a public space from a parking spot to a place to enjoy and meditate. He gave it his own identity and purpose.