Assignment People Unaware - Post processing adjustments

Yesterday I posted some of my images on Flickr an got real good feedback from a fellow student. He suggested to have an other look at the colours and contrasts, because some of the images seemed a bit unnatural to him. I could see he was right and went back to Lightroom.

It shows how important it is to take a break after post processing and then have an other look. I adjusted quite a bit and think the images have a more realistic look, which I find especially important in this assignment because of the documentary character of the images. 

I thought it would be nice to show the before-after-after images, so I copied the original files from Lightroom. When doing that, I realised that some of the compositions were actually better than in the later versions, so I did some cropping back as well. 

I want to show the images in chronological order, so that the differences in brightness make more sense and to show how an event like this evolves. Below you'll find the images in the right order, and the adaptations I've made in the post-processing.

As you can see I've changed the crops of the images quite a bit as well. In the first processing, I cropped in order to focus on one thing in the image that I wanted to show. But when I looked back at the originals, I saw that the details on the edges of the images tell a lot about what's going on at the scene. It's either somebody taking an image, a finger pointing at the subject, an arab looking at the scene or a camel walking off. Even though the extra space might cause the eye to wonder around the image, that is what I want, because that's what I was experiencing when taking these photos as well. People from all over having the same experience, but responding in a different way. 

With the extra space it shows as well that this is not an individual experience and although it felt like a once in a life time opportunity, it was actually a mass tourism trap.