A Public Space

My friend is a doctor in a small clinic in Dakar and asked me if I could take images of a poli for mothers and infants who are malnourished. This took place in quite a small room, but over a few hours there were about 35 women who came with their children to be checked.

I decided to use these images for this exercise because even though it is not a public space in the purest sense of the word, it is a place where strangers meet for the same kind of purpose.

Every picture shows some of the worries, joys and fatigues of having an infant. Added to all these feelings, you'll see mother's holding their purse, breastfeeding or spoon-feeding. Some children had grown a lot, others were still very undernourished. There were two babies with undiagnosed disorders and were just not thriving. One baby had lost her mother and twin brother at birth. An aunt is taking care of her now.

Even though I didn't know the women and most were not aware when I took them a photo of them, the room was small enough to sense all of what was going on. I hope that's what you're able to see in the images as well.