Close and involved

There are a few things that I notice when shooting wide angle. First of all it's handy to take these kind of images when I'm close to some sort of attraction, touristic spot, so that people won't notice me actually taking an image of them while I'm very close. I took these images in Paris where people are used to lots of tourists taking images from anything, so I'm not a strange sight that needs to questioned, or be chased and yelled at. This could actually happen in Dakar!

The great effect of a wide angle lense is that the background seems stretched and therefor there is a lot of dynamics in the image itself. Whereas with a long focal length the people seem to be frozen, somehow through the distortion of the lens, the people seem to be moving out of the image itself. Because of this, I feel a certain distance when I look at these images, especially compared the long focal length ones. 

This distance feeling is somewhat strange when you think how close I was to the people. It's all because of the spacial spread that happens with wide angel lenses. 

When taking these images, I really felt like I was stalking in some way and realizing that I should act as if I was not taking images of the subjects. That is also reflected in the image and the fact that there is no interaction with the viewer and subject.