Capturing the moment

On youtube you can find some episodes of 'Contacts', a series in which photographers look at their contact sheets and explain the process in which certain photos were taken and the decision making process of choosing the photo that was to be developed. I really like this series, it shows how a photographer is 'working the scene' while shooting, but also how in the dark room the photographer defines more what it is that he or she wants to portray. 

With this exercise, the idea was to be aware of things that were going on around you and think of which moment that is best to capture the action that you see and want to portray. My kids had field day at school, so I thought that would be a good opportunity to get some action shots. I shot everything in jpeg and in p mode, so that I would only be focused on the moment itself and not miss anything because I was adjusting the settings of my camera. At the moment, this was very easy, looking back at the images, I wish I had set the camera in aperture mode with a shallower depth of field, so that the focus would be more on the subject itself and not have so much distraction in the background. 

My main idea was to get a moment that shows action and fun and involvement of the kids. Even within a few seconds, the movement, expression and placing can be so different that the image gets a different feel. Here are some action shots and my selection proces.

In the first two images the subjects are not facing me and therefor not suitable to show the expressions and fun they're having. In the third image, you can see them making a turn and the concentration on their faces to do it right. I think the fourth image is getting close, mainly because you can see the hair jumping up and jumping a bit. I think the last image is the best though, the kids are jumping, you can see the boy on the left obviously having fun and there's a lot of movement. 

This boy was so enthusiastic and clapping while running. And his laces are loose! Anyway, from this sequence I real like the second one because it shows the loose lace and the sense of fun that radiates from him. Thinking about the fact that this game was a team effort my preference goes to the third image. This one also seems better balanced and shows an other frozen moment of action.