Review a portrait sequence

I have tried to post a gallery with images from my sequence, but the server doesn't seem to be able to process it! So here's for doing it again, this time with smaller images and hoping it will work. You'll read in the captions my thoughts at the process and later ratings:

The things that I learned with this sequence is first of all that I should adjust the posing to the kind of personality I think I'm dealing with or who it wishes to be. With people that you don't know that might be different, but i think that in the facial expressions a lot can be seen about whether a pose comes natural to somebody or not. In this sequence my favorite image is the third one from the left in the top row. This was one we almost did straight at the beginning, but maybe because we hadn't started talking so much and were a bit less tired, the focus was there. I also like the elegance of the hands, the expression in the eyes and the diagonal lines in the image.