Assignment 2 - Tutor Report

I received feedback for Assignment 2. I'm very happy with it! Here's the report in italics and my respons in normal font:


Many thanks for submitting this second assignment Leonie. Again, this was a very interesting assignment submission dealing with photographing  the unseen, for which you created a series of images in and around the City of Djinns, in Delhi. I really, very much liked this body of work, which captured both my visual interest and imagination from the outset.  I have elaborated more specifically below.

Thanks for your feedback Keith! It is always a relief to hear that others are appreciating my work and getting what I was trying to portray.

Issues relating to previous report

- Try to submit a separate assignment submission in its entirety if possible.
- Look at the work of Kuzma / Wood / Klett / Bird & Flusser.
- Be sure to include academic references within your written work, including citations and a bibliography.
- Try to keep a close eye on both grammar and punctuation within your written work.
- Consider the navigation of your blog – it seemed a bit chronological and might benefit from more links and buttons to aid navigation.
- Try to get involved with any student forums that might be relevant to your image making and research.

I think I have worked on these issues, but there is still ample room for improvement. I especially find the referencing quite a challenge and realise I just should study the reference guide properly to feel more confident in using it. I have gotten more involved with student forums and it has been interesting and fun to look at other student's work and interpretations of the course material. I am working on my blog and still trying to figure out what works best. I would like to keep all courses on the same site, but with a reorganisation of categories and blogs it should become more user friendly.

Feedback on Assignment

- I was actually quite blown away by this body of work !  I found the whole project a real visual treat !  in addition to this, you had clearly conducted your research into the area being explored.  This was some of the best work I have seen at this level to date !

Thanks! I find that with doing this assignment I have sort of turned a corner in stretching myself creatively and trying to get more out of my images than just the interesting environment. 

- I think from the outset you have chosen to visually explore a place that is of significant interest and was a really imaginative response to photographing the unseen.  Given the history of the place and its religious and spiritual significance, images taken here already have a narrative behind them, which was excellent to see and just added to the weight of the story.

- You are very creative in terms of both your image making and presentation. I liked the use of the negative image here, given what you were trying to achieve and not used just for the sake of it.  Be careful not to take this image manipulation too far though !  Your images are strong enough without it.

As I am doing a Photoshop course now this might be an upcoming challenge. I would like to know how to make compositional images and maybe add effects, but I totally agree that the visual power should be in the photograph itself and too much Photoshop can actually decrease this. My aim is to be able to produce images that I have in my mind and I feel that if I know Photoshop better I will be able to express myself more creatively. 

- Some of the images were really strong and I especially liked the low light portrait of the smoke and incense / The birds ‘black magic’ / The backlit portrait of the one legged man on a stick.  Compositionally they were very strong.

- As a body of work, you have submitted a really strong series of images that all work well together and are attached through text found in relation to the space. 

- The shot of birds actually made me double take !  I found the original images via your contacts posted, as at first I thought this was totally made up through Photoshop trickery.  Some of the images here were so strong, I don’t even think they required any further manipulation.  Feel confident in what you shoot and don’t feel the need to add to what you already have.

They were two images composed together. Maybe I should try to reprocess them without the blends I used and see if it looks less trickery.

- The shot of the young girl facing the camera with her parents looking the other way was also very well observed. As you mention in your notes, she looks like the guardian of the family … which given the context of the story really fits in well and adds to the flow of the work submitted.

- In my opinion, the imagery was very strong … as mentioned, I’m not that convinced you need to start making that many adjustments through Photoshop and should perhaps just consider showing them straight.  The presentation of the final story works really well for me anyway …. So keep up this excellent work !

- Given that arguably you are based in an area of the world that really lends itself to interesting image making, you are still challenging yourself to find interesting aspects of this space to visually explore.  You should try to continue to dig out these fascinating areas, which you are currently in the position to access. 

Yes, I am very fortunate!

- If you wouldn’t mind I think I’d like to direct some of my additional students to this work, so as they can see how other students are working in relation to the assignment tasks.


- Again, I have nothing more to add on this at this point in time as you are progressing through the exercises very well and producing some really strong imagery as you go. Keep up this level of enquiry please !


- Everything I have suggested to you seems to be explored and read, which is great to see.  I have enjoyed reading your thoughts about the works on the blog and think you have a really intelligent insight into what you are currently looking at and what is currently informing your own practice.

- Did you manage to check out Mark Klett and Nicky Bird yet ?

Yes I did, but I should write a blog post about it. 

- Your bibliography mentions many texts in relation to the project … but I think you could also try to cite specific reference to this material now within your writing. Even add some quotes from the works being researched maybe.

See remark above.

Learning Log

- I think this could be better to be fair … as it still reads quite chronologically.  It really might be worth separating out the blogs for each module and having a different one for each module.  That way you can then include specific links to research / reading / assignments / practitioners / exhibitions / coursework for specific modules … rather than trying to show all four in one. 

- Again, I’d suggest getting involved in some of the student forums and making reference to this via your blog.  I think many of the students here will have some positive words to say about your work !

Suggested Viewing/Reading

- Take a look at the work by a photographer called Jason Evans.  Evans has worked within the music industry for many years … and has worked with many well-known artists.  He often using a double-exposure technique – but through the analogue process – deliberately exposing monochrome film twice through the camera. His recent Mack book entitled ‘NYLPT’ is worth a look.

- He also runs a website called - Check out his other work at it is very good and there’s something there for everyone !

Pointers for next Assignment/Assessment

- Already submitted …. Feedback is on its way for this.

Thanks for your positive feedback, it really helps to stay motivated and carry on with my studies!