Childhood memories and Photoshop experiments

Ever since I read this exercise I have been thinking of a particular memory that it is suitable. It needs to be visually executable, needs a strong emotional connection that I can translate into images and should be understandable.

A memory that keeps coming back of which I think I should try to photograph is when I was about 9 years old. I was playing in the school yard next to our house and somebody offered to swirl me around. It was a lot of fun, but my pants flew off. Most of all, I remember how incredibly embarrassed I was when I had to walk to the pants in my underwear and put them back on again. I don't particularly remember other children's faces, but I do remember laughter and just feeling very ashamed of myself.  

While going through my images I found one of my two sons covering their faces and looking very embarrassed. I would like to work with that, maybe make a collage with use of their faces. 

An other idea is the memory of me sitting on the sidewalk playing with leaves. This is my earliest memory of my life. We lived in Tasmania and I was three years old. I am not quite sure if it is connected, but my mother used to tell the story of when we were visiting somebody and my parents drove off without me because they had forgotten me. They drove back and found me sitting on the pavement. I have taken a few images of a blossoming tree, maybe it's an idea to use that one. I'm just going to fiddle a bit in Photoshop and show the results later.

I'm doing a Photoshop course on, which is focused on learning how to make compositions and masks with the use of channels. It's a 14 hour course and I've done 4 up till now. Really fun and interesting, but I feel I have to watch every video about 3 times to get it right. So I thought it would be nice to make a composition with some of the techniques I'm learning. I have taken a photo from a road in the forest and added images of children looking at me. This is not literally the memory I wanted to use, but it does symbolise the path you are on when growing up and how other children can influence you, scare you or make you feel insecure. I wouldn't say it is a typical theme for my own childhood, because I actually have a very positive impression when I think about mine and the friends I used to have. But maybe that's not really necessary, it could be anybody's and I like the creepy effect.

I can't say I find this image beautiful or very impressive, but it is fun to experiment. Below is an attempt to make a composition of different photos from the same tree. It took me a few hours to get it like this. I don't like the background and the effect is not exactly what I had in mind, but it is a start. 

 I want to come to the point that I can create the image that I have in mind, whether through composition in Photoshop, drawing, painting and the use of other media. So lots of work to be done!