Weekend away in Varanasi

While working on the course, I've also been out and about in India. Two weeks ago I went to Varanasi with a friend with the sole purpose of photography. It was so much fun and I took about 3000 images, of which I accidentally deleted 900. It was terrible and the images I that I took are starting to get better and better in my memory, which doesn't make it less frustrating!

I found that photographing a place that is such candy for the eye brings on quite a lot of pressure because you feel this is the time and place to make some of your best photos. It works a bit stifling. I found it especially difficult to photograph large amounts of people, bring in some composition and focus on what I found interesting. The images that I like best are not even typically Varanasi, but just a fortunate get together of colours and lines. Here are a few that I'm quite happy with.

 What I take away most from these kind of experiences and the post processing afterwards is that it is very important to take time when walking around. I often had to push myself to just wait when I saw an opportunity, and not just shoot away, which I also did a lot. With so many images to work through, the editing part takes up just too much time and is also quite demotivating because there is a lot of junk there as well.

Photographing in India is a pleasure because in general, people don't mind at all to be photographed and actually ask you to take there photograph. Such a difference with Senegal! I noticed that I really like the images I took of boys that are about 11 years old. They have such an innocent, open look but already show their character and the experiences they have had in life. Since they love to be photographed, I thought it would be interesting to start a little project doing that.

An other thing that I notice, is that I struggle with getting the white balance right in post processing, especially after having changed the exposure and the highlights. More to work on!