City of Djinns - Captions

After reading a lot of articles and looking for clues on why people go to pray to Djinns I still find myself doubting on what kind of questions to use. Is it ethical to make put captions of people that belong to others below an image of an other person? Do I want to focus on the personal spiritual journeys people follow when they are there, or do I want to keep it more general and provide information on the prayers to Djinns in general?

The thing is, I haven't personally asked the people I photographed why they are there, but have read enough to know the kind of prayers that are being said and letters that are being written. Is it appropriate to add this to information to images of others?

Maybe I should think of writing my own captions and ideas why somebody would visit the place, or write captions in such a way that it triggers the viewer to envision the stories behind the prayers that are being offered. 

I found this text in an advertisement for a tour at Kotlah, I quite like the words and think they would go well with the images.

"Let's gather amidst the smoke of incense which envelops this magical place. Talk about things rarely discussed, hidden fears, black magic, existence of unknown, incidents, experiences, the unhappy spirits, the beliefs." 

Although by only using this part of text and not giving more information about the images, I narrow down the depth of what is happening there, I think it will resonate more and give a better experience with the viewer. After all, what I want is trigger a curiosity and recognition of what is going on.

Asif Khandehlvi (2015) An Evening with Djinns of Delhi at FirozShah Kotla. Available at: (Accessed: 11 March 2016).