Duane Michals - Using text and images

I had never looked at the work of Duane Michals before. But now that I have discovered his photographs and texts, I just can't stop coming back to his work and be amazed. Michals is able to bring together thoughts, texts and images in such a way that they explain very basic feelings and things in life in a surprising and thoughtful way. The textbook asks to have a look at the image of This Photograph is my Proof (1974) and see how the text enriches the image. Without the text you would look at the image and see a happy couple on a bed, with the text the image gets a very different feeling to it, that of sadness, melancholia and a certain anger for love that is lost. 

I noticed the same effect in this image:

Michals, D. (no date)  A Letter from my Father  [photograph]. Available at: http://ashleighbritten.blogspot.in/ (Accessed: 5 February 2016)

Michals, D. (no date) A Letter from my Father [photograph]. Available at: http://ashleighbritten.blogspot.in/ (Accessed: 5 February 2016)

Just looking at the photograph gives me an idea of the intensity of the relationship between the boy and his parents, how they are close to each other, but don't seem to understand each other, the lack of compassion and understanding in their eyes. Then if you read the text that comes with the image, it really enriches the understanding of the relationship between father and son, the pain and hurt that all must have felt, mother included. It shows a longing for intimacy in such a strong way.

This relationship between text and images is something that I wish to explore more and I'm wondering whether I should start digging in my own personal life to see what kind of relations I can make between images I make now and things that have happened in the past. Duane's work also shows that it doesn't always have to be emotionally heavy, but can also derived from science, or visual clues, like his examples of sequences or Ms Schrodinger's cat. 

WHAT’S GOING ON - Madame Schrödinger’s cat is a photo sequences made.. (no date) Available at: http://carolineterrasse83.tumblr.com/post/41430183490/madame-schr%C3%B6dingers-cat-is-a-photo-sequences-made (Accessed: 5 February 2016).