Exercise: The Dad Project and Country Doctor

I had a look at Briony Campbells' website, watched the movie about the projects and had a long look at her images and captions. They really made me cry. I have a strong relationship with my dad and love him very much. Fortunately he is very healthy and I hope to not say goodbye to him for a very long time. Still, I can really identify with the love and grief that Briony shows through her images and was really touched by them. 

There are a lot of similarities between Smith's and Campbell's work. Both are a set of individually very strong images that have a story to tell on its own, but as a whole form a narrative that have a chronological element. The captions bring extra information that makes the viewer even more drawn into the story and the human emotions that are portrayed. I think because of the different layers within both sets, one can say that even though they portray an event (or different events in Country Doctor) what is really conveyed are themes of love and dedication and how to deal with sickness and suffering in the most humane way as possible. The sick people (patients and father) have an equally strong presence of their personality and play an equally strong part in the narrative and are not narrowed down to a pitiful subject or a stereotypical dying or sick person. 

I think that even though the Dad Project is all about the process of the ending of life, especially the images made in the final stages are captioned as such to emphasize it even more, because what remains after looking at the project is the testimony of the love between Briony and her dad, his principles and wishes for each other. Looking at the images only strenghtens this and because of this beautiful memory, will never end.

Campbell, B. (1986) The dad project. Available at: http://www.brionycampbell.com/projects/the-dad-project/ (Accessed: 15 January 2016)