Assignment 1 - Final submission

After writing the other blogs that lead up to these images and looking at the images again, I have made a few alterations to the final images that I'm going to submit. First of all, I realise that I prefer the colour images over black and white. I find that the colours of the Metro station are really working with setting the atmosphere of the Metro station itself and the coloured details of the clothing and faces of the people bring an extra compositional element in the images that work well. Because of this, I have taken one image out because of its bad quality and not being sharp, besides that, it was a bit similar to an other image that worked much better, making it look even worse beside that one. 

Now that I've made this decision, I have worked a bit more on the images to give them somewhat the same colour balance and make sure they are a coherent set. 

At first I wanted to present them in two different sets, but the more I think about it, in order to bring across the differences more clearly it is better to show different sets next to each other, so like this:

And now I'm doubting again, need some feedback here!

Does my work meet the assessment criteria?

I find it a bit difficult to answer this question. Looking at each photo individually there are some that I'm very happy about, especially the ones with the people going up the escalator and the beam of sunlight coming in. In selecting my images I've tried to choose the one that have the most interesting composition and altered them a bit with cropping and adjusting the clarity levels to guide the eye to the areas where I want it to. 

Normally when I go out to take photos for assignments I take much more time to get the image that I have in mind. In this case I was quite nervous about the reaction of the people on the metro. It helped that I had already envisaged a few of the images that I wanted, but still...

Looking at them now, I think they should be sharper and I need to improve my Photoshop skills a bit more, so that it doesn't look like the pasted people float. I now there are a few blend modes that can help with that, I tried them, but they still didn't give the result I wanted. 

Having worked through part 1 of the course I noticed that I was much more aware of what it means to create some sort of reality that might not be real, but shape images in such a way, or photograph at a certain moment that it looks like it. Looking at my final images, I think my concept would have been stronger if the images with one or two people in the segregated images were with more people. The image of the the women in the compartment and the men behind the window convey this idea much stronger. When there are just a few, it might just be quiet at the metro and chance to have only three men on the platform.

I went to the metro station on a Saturday afternoon and that's when a lot of women go out with their husband, so looking back that wasn't the best time to show the segregation either!

In all, I really enjoyed working in a conceptual way, come up with an idea and work towards that instead of going out and photograph whatever comes my way. This assignment has also pushed my comfort zones a bit and shown that if you prepare well and be aware of what makes you nervous and do something about that, it is very fulfilling and rewarding to go out and photograph the unknown.