Exercise Street Photography Black and White or Colour

After looking into the work of some street photographers and the question whether black and white or colour photographs are more suitable, I went out to take some photographs myself. I set myself to focus on taking the photos for the purpose of black and white and photos for colour, but found myself taken away by what was happening around me and just taking photos on the go. However, with the postprocessing I can clearly see a difference in which images work better in black and white and which ones in colour. I'd like to share my ideas with you. This first batch of images were taken on Connaught Place, a shoping center that was built in the beginning of the 20th century during colonial times. It features round column alleys and I thought it would be nice to accentuate this architecture in my images. Looking at them, I think that the ones in black an white work better in doing that, even though I really like the colour red on the pavements. The colour images show a bit more of the warmth of the place and the early morning sunshine and brings it a personal feel. The black and white images make me feel more distanced from the scene, but therefor also looking at it differently and more in an esthetical way. 

I took the next batch of photographs in Old Delhi, a part of town that is very densely populated and has lots going on in the streets. Looking at these images, I can see how changing them into black and white can help the eye focus much more on the expressions in the face, show the textures and compositional lines, while the coloured images have much more vibrancy and makes the place come alive. It all really depends on what you want to show I think. It is nice to be able to dodge and burn and really point out what you want to show in black and white. These are all very subtle details that need to be taken care of very consciously, of which I'm sure photographers used to do in the darkroom as well.