Project 3 Reportage research point- Helen Levitt, Garry Winogrand and others

Helen Levitt's work may be called anti-journalism. The example of it (boys with branches on the previous slide) was shot in Spanish Harlem, Manhattan. The picture is both a dance and a loving lyric. It would be hard to find, anywhere, off stage, a scene that had more dance in it... To anyone sensitive to dance, this picture is inebriating. It is, of course, a lucky miracle of timing. But when you see an unbelievable confluence of chance in a photograph, remember that the operator was there, booted and spurred' -Walker Evans, 1969  (YouTube, 2015)

I had a look at some images of Helen Levitt and watched a lecture about her on Youtube. I hadn't seen a lot of her work before and was really happy to discover her images. When I look at them, I can almost feel the streetlife, fun of the kids and see all the little stories that were taking place all over. Levitt's images have a very spontaneous feel about them, even though they are well composed and all have a very clear message or feeling to convey. Coming to the discussion whether black and white or colour works better, I think that looking at both I can say that it's not really the issue which one works better, but more that she makes every image work, whether using the compositional lines and textures as a tool, or adding colour as a tool as well. 


YouTube, (2015). Lecture on Helen Levitt by Jeff Rosenheim, photography curator at the Met. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Dec. 2015].