Assignment 1 - Influences

To prepare myself for this assignment I had a look at the work of Walker Evans' Metro photos and Chris Walker's photos that he took in the Paris Metro. Both photographers show people sitting in the metro, being absorbed in their own thoughts or sleeping. The interesting thing is that these people are totally off guard and in a situation where they are surrounded by people, but not obliged to communicate with each other. In these situations both photographers see different things. Chris Walker is showing that art and beauty can be found in the expression and body language of complete strangers and he makes connections with famous paintings in which he recognizes elements of in the people he photographs. I think Walker Evans is focusing more on the expression of people when they are absent minded and have their thoughts to themselves. He's is showing people's behaviour, while Chris Walker is showing the beauty of people themselves and treasures for the eye that can be found anywhere. 

In all my nervousness I was too much in a hurry to sit and take pictures of people sitting across of me, but I do think some images reflect both aspects, the beauty and behaviour of people in public spaces.