Assignment 1 - Images of segragation

In this part I'd like to show the decision making process of the images that show either men or women in the photos. For this set of images I don't want to Photoshop, since the whole idea is to show one version that is true and one that is not. Thinking about it, on the day that I went to the Metro I could have been able to photograph both stories without photoshopping, but would have had to wait for quite some time.  

The images below are the ones in which you can see either men or women from which I selected my finals. 

Besides the compositional elements, I find it important that the images are somewhat sharp, even though that was quite difficult to achieve given the circumstances of shooting in low light. The atmosphere should be impersonal and reflective of the normal scenes that you would encounter at the metro station anywhere in the world.

In my final selection below you'll see that apart from the first image, there is no interaction between me and the people I'm photographing. Even though that was the intention, I have decided to include the first one after all, since the somewhat estranged reaction of the men seeing a white woman taking a photograph of them accentuates the segregation between us.

The other images show only men or women, except for the fifth one. Again, this shows one man pointing in the direction of the women's compartment which somehow strengthens the notion of them being apart from the man on the platform. 

As I already mentioned in my other post, I have converted all images in black and white to keep them as a consistent set. Especially the photoshopped images in the next set look too unreal when in colour and there is also a lot of grain which is less obvious when in black and white. If the images hadn't been a set I don't think I would have converted all of them, especially the image with the escalator is really nice in colour.