Assigment 1 - Images of Men and Women Together

The idea of these images is to show the normality of men and women using the public transport together and that a public space should be a representation of the equal amount of men and women in the world (actually not India, since there are a lot more men than women because of infanticide). In this part I will show which images I used, some that already show the ideas, others that I used to come to the final compositional images: The first image was taken in the hall of the Metro. The police in the back later told me to stop photographing. Since I wanted to keep the number of men and women equal, what I had to do here was delete two of the women, so that's what I did. It was quite tricky to get the walls and shadows right. 

When I looked at the final results, I realised that the photograph was much better with the women in it. Maybe I shouldn't be so rigid about the half half, but just focus on what shows best that women and men can happily be in the metro together. I first image reflects that much better, so I processed that and will include that in the final selection.

The next image is a compilation of a two images that I took at the escalator. I really like the composition of the final one, there's a nice flow of movement and the light is just lovely. Because people are moving in a row, the anonymity is accentuated and there is a repetitive feel to it that reminds me of movement in city life. I realize that there is an uneven number of people and therefor not half women/half men, but I did want to keep this number because the composition is much better than if I shop the guy with the glasses away.

In this image I wanted the composition to be balanced and lead the viewers eye to the couple in the middle who are talking to each other. It accentuates the idea that it should be completely okay for men and women to be in public spaces together and interact with each other.

The following images were taken on my iphone and I notice that especially in low light, the pixels are a bit chunky and difficult to photoshop. So it looks a bit like the people are floating in the image a bit, which does get better when converted in black and white.

The following image shows that you do see men and women on the metro and that maybe it's not as completely segregated as my other set of images show. But then, these sets are showing the extremes, of which the segregated images are much more common than that you see an equal amount of men and women. 

Here's an other compositional image. I really liked how the moving train creates a good contrasting background for the people on the platform.