Assignment Part 1 - Initial ideas

The idea of this assignment is to show a story from two sides of which one side is not true, or very different. At first I didn't have a real idea of what to do, but the more I think about it, the more comes up. So here are a few initial ideas:

* Twins: I have a twin sister myself and am mother of 10 year old twin girls. The idea is to photograph both of them in the same clothes and looking the same, but showing their differences, even thought they're so similar.

* Retouched and not: I'd like to take images of the same subject (person) taken in the same position, but show the differences in how they look when using different focal lengths and photoshopping them.

* Metro in Delhi: Because of recent assaults on women, there is a separate compartment for women in the Metro Delhi. In a way it is nice that you can feel kind of safe, but I think it is quite sad that men are seen as such a threat and women as objects of violence. So I'd like to take pictures of both compartments and photoshop the men and women together in one happy train compartment. I'm not sure if one is allowed to take photos on the metro, so I have to check in to that first.

* Victims from WWII. Inspired by the 19th century images where photographers would double expose their dead relatives in images, I'd like to retouch old black and white images of victims from WWII and integrate them in images from the 50s, or maybe even photos from today. I've watched a few youtube videos on how to turn old images into coloured, restored ones and I'd like to learn it. The main idea is to show how life would have continued without the war sort of give back a place in the history that they should have been in. Not sure how to get all the material for this, I should probably look into old archives of the holocaust museum and see if they can be used for such a purpose.

* Visual language: In my Art of Photography course I wrote a blog about Ola Lanko's visual literacy project, Required Reading. I was really amazed at the skilfulness of her research and would love to do a similar kind of thing, so showing an object in such different ways that they start to look completely different. 

Up till now I'd like to try all of them, but of course there won't be enough time. I'll send my list to my tutor and see what he thinks!