Exercise - Sarah Pickering Public Order

When looking at Pickering images at first I feel a real sense of boredom and disinterest. Then, just as the reader says, once you know that these are police training grounds, you start to wonder in which ways the buildings are used and that gives an immediate extra sense of excitement and fantasies about what events could take place in similar buildings and what the police might be training for at that particular spot. 

I also find it interesting to ponder on the fact that these buildings are representative for a British town or village. Is this really the case and how have they come up with these designs? Is this the Public Order that is representative for the order you find in the UK?

In a way I think the images themselves are an effective use of documentary because they first of all show how the police trains in real life situations and the subject itself is a documentary in itself, being a representation of a typical British village. However, the images do give creepy feelings and do challenge its viewers to think beyond what they see and gives room for making up stories on their own. In a way I think that's what you could call the artistic side of the images.