Hi, my name is Leonie Broekstra. I am over a 40 years old, married, mother of 4 kids and working towards a Bachelor of photography at the Open College of Arts. I started my studies 3 years ago, finished the Art of Photography Course and am in the process of finishing up People and Place. I have been working on the Digital Film Production course as well, but wasn't able to finish it on time. In order to complete this level, I have chosen to do the Context and Narrative course instead of repeating the film course. 

Up till now I have really enjoyed my studies. The two courses that I have already done have made me grow artistically, learn about the history of photography and given me insights on how to express myself visually. I find it exciting to look at other work and think about the ideas behind them and am now at the point of wanting to become a more conceptual worker myself and start to experiment with having ideas and executing them. 

I believe this course is a good starting point for that. I like how it is very focused on learning how to talk, think and write about photography and it seems that it will push me to explore my skills and way of working further. At the end of this course, I hope I will be able to better express my ways of thinking and also able to put images more in a broader context than just explaining what I see. Furthermore I hope to improve my own ways of working and open myself up to what I want to express and how to express it.

I've just moved to New Delhi in India and I see a lot of opportunities for beautiful photography here. It is going to be nice to have an extra stimulance to explore the city while doing my course.

I'm looking forward to this process and am very thankful for having a tutor and other students to reflect on it as well.

You can find my work of other courses under the respective headings. I also have a personal website , but it needs to be updated a bit!