Thinking Fast and Slow and how images influence the way we act and think

In the introduction of the course the work of Judith Williamson is mentioned. She writes about the way advertisements and their visual aspects influences the way we perceive the image and how we are compelled towards the products advertised. It was interesting to ready about all the aspects of the images in depth and see how Williamson is able to distinguish them and bring meaning to them.

I'm reading a book 'Thinking Fast and Slow' by Daniel Kahneman which is about how our brain perceives and interprets in different ways. He talks about 2 systems. The first one is fast, intuitive and automatic. We cannot switch it off and we are deeply influenced by it, although a lot of the system's workings take place on an unconscious level. Our second system is much slower and used for deeper thinking. This system is pretty lazy and easily tires out, which makes us depend on our other system much more than we would like to acknowledge. Even tasks that require thinking, like voting and making judgements turn out to be much more dependent on our subconscious, intuitive system than what we like to believe. 

What interests me most about reading this book and the Williamson's work is that they show that the influence of what we see goes much deeper than what we might think. Elements that are in our view have a strong subconconscious impact on what we do and experience. The book gives an example of a research that proved that certain images on a wall influenced the amount of money people would pay for their coffee, how posters in a voting booth influenced the voting behaviour, etc. As a visual story teller this is something I would like to dig into and learn more about all the connections and messages I can create through the composition and placements of elements in my images. It's exciting!

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