Project 8 Balance - Viewing

The idea of this project is to experience how the golden rule works in images and what effect it has on its viewers. I have worked with these ideas already in my earlier photography classes and have since then been using the principle quite a bit in my photography. With filming there's the other dimension of the movement of the subjects in the scene, which makes the planning of where to let the action take place and position the subjects even more important. I went through the latest videos I shot and made a few screen shots that show the effect of the golden rule and when it is not used: 

First you can see the examples of where the lines on the thirds of the image are all being taken by the subject or certain lines in the frame. In the fourth image the line is a bit diagonal, but the plant is still on the crossing of the lines. What I notice most is that in the way the subjects are balanced now, the eye is really forced to look from one place to other in the image instead of being glued in one specific spot, as you can see in the following images where the subjects are more placed in the middle.

I find that when the subject is not placed on the lines of the golden rule anymore, the image turns much more subjective. It looks like I'm in the middle of the scene instead of being a spectator. Because the eyes are not going from one side to the other, there is more focus on what is going on in the center of the image. I don't want to be stuck on always using the golden rules, but it is important to be aware of the effects of where you position the subjects in the frame and how it will come across to the viewer. Will they stay curious and wanting to look more, or do their eyes get stuck on one spot that is not too exciting and then loose interest? 

I also wonder in which way one should distinguish the moving subjects and set elements of the frame. Maybe if the set elements are positioned on the lines of the golden rule, the moving subjects can roam around anywhere and still be visually attractive. It's something I will have to figure out while thinking of the scenes and establishing the shots.