Project 9 - Light and Colour - Viewing II

I've found myself watching movies and series so differently ever since I've started this course. For example, once you become aware of the use of colours, there are examples in every movie I see. With this exercise the first series that come to mind is 'House of Cards', that in its entirety is shot in greenish, greyish tones, giving it a very dark feeling. I find that there is not a lot of variety in the scenes and it looks as if they have been using the same filters on all shots. It is very effective in the threatening, uncomfortable feeling that I get as viewer while watching the episodes. There is no room for a sense of comfort and relief, let alone trust in the main characters. The lighting certainly works towards that as well. 

In the movie 'V for Vendetta' there are distinct differences between the scenes when the characters are in a safe environment, with a  like her or V's home and when the characters are in a threatening environment, or when threats are displayed. In the threatening scenes, we see a lot of blue and greenish light with red accents, accentuating threat and agression, while in the safe environment there is the use of natural light and yellow light, giving a sense of coziness and safety.

It's interesting to see how the colour of light has such a profound influence on how the viewer feels the atmosphere of a movie. It's good to be aware of that when filming myself and adjusting the white balance accordingly.