Project 7 - Extra practice focal length and angle

I have bought a new camera, a Blackmagic Compact Cinema and I have been practicing with it. I'm still working on learning Davinci Resolve, the editing and colouring software that comes along with it, but here are a first few shots in which I'm trying to discover the different effects angle and focal length have on the image and overall atmosphere. 

Because right now I only have one lens, I'm a bit limited in the focal lengths I can use, but overall I'm starting to make more conscious decisions on which settings to use and I'm more aware of all the visual techniques that can help play a certain atmosphere. Looking ahead at project 8, where we think of balance and the Rule of Thirds, I see how the change in focal length also effects the overall balance of the image and brings a certain pattern along on how the image is perceived and whether the viewer's eyes are led to a certain point, which gives more air and an open feeling, or gets glued somewhere, bringing a more claustrophobic feel.