The idea of this exercise is to discover the way the image changes when using different focal lengths. First of all the depth of field becomes bigger as the focal length gets smaller and the image looks less compact. Second, when the focal length becomes longer, the objects in the image are much more compressed and the depth of field seems to be much smaller. I videoed a simple setting from my balcony and two chairs in the hall. I had already practiced and looked at these differences in my photography course, but during this exercise I did practice how to focus on the objects while zooming in and out. I had already seen on a course that one has to zoom on the back screen in on the thing that should be in focus, then adjust the focal ring and start filming from there. I hope this will help me in the future, because I often find it hard to get the focus just right.

Here's the little video from my testing:

I left my tripod in the car that's why the footage is so shaky. What counts now is that I've learned that I can really manipulate the way things look apart from each other and how to separate an object in the scene through depth of field and a longer focal length. The longer focal length does ask for a tripod, right focusing and enough light on the subject to make it of good quality. Now I can start thinking how I can let these differences play a creative part in the stories I'll film.