Assignment 1, an other attempt

After recording the movie in the closet, I wanted to do some outdoor filming as well, in which I could add a scene with a subjective point of view that built up some tension. The story is that two innocent girls walk in a field, are attacked by two boys, they fight with their swords, the boys run away and the girls chase them over the hills.

The first shot is a wide angle one, that shows the innocence of the girls, how they are just walking around, having a conversation in a natural peaceful environment. With the second shot, the POV is subjective, showing how one of the boys sees the girls walking towards him. The idea is to build up some tension and let the viewer wonder who is looking at the girls. In the third shot we're back to a wide angle objective point of view, from where the viewer can see the boys coming from the bush and jumping out of the tree. In the fourth shot, the angle is low and closer to the children. The idea is that the viewer is in the midst of the fighting and can see the scared expression on the boys faces when they run off. In the last scene the boys are chased by the girls over a hill. The boys are scared and run out of the scene. This is again an objective wide angle shot.

When I look at the final result, I think of all three films this is the most successful, even though there is a lot of room for improvement. First of all, there should be a bit more pace between the 2nd and 3rd scene. It looks as if the story sort of stands still and everybody is wondering what will happen next. Second, the scene taken from the tree is not scary enough. Maybe if it was zoomed in to a closer look at the girls, the idea that somebody was watching them would be more obvious. Third, I need to give more directions in the acting and take as many shots I need  to be all happy and think that it is at its best as possible.