Assignment 1: New attempts

After my tutor's report and thinking about it, also before that, I realised I had to work more on my videos and not just be happy with whatever comes up. So this summer, I asked my children and family to help me out a bit. I still find the stories a bit bland, but just pushing myself to film a bit more and focus on the different point of views did help me.

Besides that I decided that I wanted to learn Premiere Pro. It's been a bit of a stretch and even after working on for at least 10 hours I still don't find that I really know how it works. So I edited the movies that I shot this holiday in iMovie, a program that I find very easy and user friendly. When starting from scratch Premiere Pro is a really daunting and complicated program. This coming time I'll just invest a whole lot more hours and trust that it will get a bit more intuitive at a certain point.

So here are two more videos that I shot: The first one is about a father who accidentally locks his son in the cupboard and frees him again. I tried to use different angles and perspectives, starting with a wide angle shot in the first scene, to show the cupboard, the fact that father and son both come from a different direction and that one can go unnoticed even in a small space. 

In the second shot we see the doorknob moving and a part of the stairs. This should convey that the boy can't come out, is in a bit of a panic and the dad walks up the stairs without noticing it. I chose an objective point of view, because I want to stress that the boy isn't noticed and on the other hand create a sense of emergency with the viewer. 

The idea of the third shot is that when the dad pulls the plug from the socket and the sound of the vacuum cleaner stops, he suddenly hear the noise from down stairs. This scene is taken from a high angle, so that the direction in which the dad moves is visible and the connection with the stairs and the ground floor is made. I don't find it very successful, and this is mainly because I didn't have the right lens and enough space to get everything in the frame that I wanted.

The fourth shot is a subjective shot, in which we can see the view of the boy and experience the darkness before the door opens and the sense of relief on the dad's face. 

The final shot is objective again, medium wide, but not so wide as the first one, because I wanted to focus on the expression of the boy and the embrace later on. Looking back I think I should have changed the angle just a bit and zoomed in a bit more.

I think there's still so much that I need to improve in my film taking, although I think this is already an improvement compared to the turtle story, because it is much more narrative. On the other hand, I find that in this movie, there shots are just a bit too slow and too much of the action is happening on the sides of the frames, especially in the first shot. I should have framed that a bit better, or tried another lens. The difficult thing about it was that there just wasn't enough space. I'll need to think about other solutions to still get the wanted effect, maybe filming from a different angle?