Reflections on tutor report

I have been thinking quite a bit about the last tutor report and my attitude towards the course, filming and studying in general. I realize that I need to get in charge of the course, not be overwhelmed by it, or feel that I can't do it, or don't have the right equipment, etc. When it comes to filming, I need to be in charge of the story, what I want and just make sure to get there. Up till now, I have felt a bit hesitant to ask people, mainly because I feel that I'm taking too much from their time. But now I realize that this fear also comes from the fact of not being well prepared when shooting and wanting to do everything too fast. If I know what I want, I'll be much better in communicating to the actors involved and make it a good and fun experience that brings meaning to the film and maybe even themselves.

An other thing that bothers me is that I find it hard to think of a story. This shouldn't be the case, because every day small things happen that could easily inspire me to write a small story. I just need to remember them, write them down and think about it more. I remember Roald Dahl once said that if you find a seed for a story, make sure to plant it, because some day all of a sudden, something beautiful might grow out of it.

About the equipment, I do have a good camera, tripod and microphone and I haven't even used all possibilities and discovered its strengths and weaknesses yet to even think that it's not sufficient for now. 

So no more whining and just carry on!